100 Club

As part of our fundraising for the future of Podington Cricket Club we now run a 100 Club.

In very simple terms its;

  • £20 to enter per person to enter 
  • £30 winner per week for 15 weeks (First Draw 1st week of May)
  • £150 to winner drawn at awards dinner 1st October


How can I join?  - You must be 18 years old or older, pay your one-off entry fee at the club or using the PayPal QR Code below which connects to the Podington CC Paypal account, simply scan the code, type in ‘100 Club’ and pay £20

Each draw shall be made by or under the direction of club officers. The results of the draw shall be announced on the Cricket Club notice board accessible at games, or on the Club’s website. Should for any reason membership levels fall below 50 members, the organisers shall be entitled to reconsider the terms and viability of the scheme ore revise prize levels.

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